A typical refrigerated transport truck that relies on its enormous diesel engine to keep the cargo cool.

In today’s culture, we order goods from the online marketplace for everything from furniture to clothes to regular groceries we eat. No matter what we want or need, we can make a few clicks of a mouse and have goods shipped and on our doorsteps in a time span as short as a few hours.

Receiving groceries at our own homes changes the demand for refrigerated transport trucks that once made deliveries only to major food distributors. With this new-found consumer freedom, however, comes unintentional health risks caused by the increase of these loud, smoke-bellowing trucks in our neighborhoods, polluting the air with smoke and noise.

Yet, the negative side effects of this new convenience in our lives can be eradicated. Green Idle, in an exclusive partnership with Lithionics Battery, offers refrigerated transport operators the ability to shut down their engines entirely without losing the power they rely on to keep food fresh and cool. The silence and dependability of the best, safest, and most versatile solar-battery technology on the market today presents new opportunities for operators looking to cut back on costly fuel consumption without missing a beat.

A Green Idle technician checks systems on a solar truck’s small control panel area. Powerful Lithionics battery storage at lower-right.

Using Lithionics smart systems that regulate electrical charging also means that owners and operators can charge vehicles and equipment in hours and power will last for days regardless of the weather.

Now you can avoid the ever-tightening regulations associated with traditional idling vehicles and reap the cost and health-saving benefits Green Idle has to offer. Imagine the surprise of your customers and passerby’s when they no longer need to turn away from noxious fumes or yell over the noise as they carry about their day. What Green Idle offers is just simple, clean, and reliable energy, that is sure to take a dent out of your wallet and get people buzzing about the positive impact your company has made.