We’re quite pleased to see New York’s tax credit take center stage at the Golden Globes Sunday night – as reported in Crain’s New York Business.

Not only was it a big night for your favorite television shows and films but it was a big night for New York State, as well. With seven of the TV shows and movies honored at this year’s event filmed right here, in New York. As an emerging New York tech company, we’re here to demonstrate how we plan to take this leadership even further.

The New York State film industry has seen major gains in recent years, thanks in part to the state’s Film Production Tax Credit program, which awards productions 30 cents of every dollar spent “below the line” for choosing to shoot in-state. The seven productions alone named at this year’s event generated roughly $235 million in revenue, according to Crain’s New York, out of the nearly $7.6 billion brought in by the state, from Hollywood, each year.

Yet despite this industry boon the added hustle and bustle of major film productions has not gone unnoticed by residents, especially in New York City, where nearly 80% of jobs supported by the program can be found and the sound of loud, noxious, generators can be heard buzzing day and night up and down the city’s streets as a shoot progresses.

In recent years the film industry has made a conscious effort to minimize the environmental impact that a production can have on a given location. Organizations such as Earth Angel have sprung up wholly dedicated to “integrating a standardized method of environmental accountability” onto film sets and producers and members in the industry have taken notice.

But what about the waste we can’t account for by simply recycling old props and other materials? Like the noise created by constantly running fossil-fuel powered generators, used to power lighting and other equipment on a set, or the harmful fumes these vital yet costly gas-guzzling machines emit?

Green Idle utilizes state-of-the-art lithium-ion technology in our solar-powered smart-systems to capture and store dependable, long-lasting power for days. Offering a wide range of solar-powered solutions to a diverse array of fields including construction, transport, government infrastructure, food trucks, and of course, film and entertainment.

The industry now has the opportunity to ditch those costly gas-powered generators and lead the pursuit of greener solutions. From solar-power equipped food trucks to makeup and office trailers, to high-quality solar “generators” and more. Our technology can reduce the size of a location and eliminate noise and exhaust associated with traditional systems still in use today.

Our world no longer demands that we sacrifice having a clean environment in favor of greater mobility and the emissions we release can no longer be said to be“in the name of Progress” as newer and less harmful substitutes have already been introduced.

The Film and Entertainment industry is a vital and welcomed part of the New York State economy, providing not only much-needed jobs and revenue but tourism and pride in all New Yorkers who get to see their state represented on the Big Screen. Though the industry has made great strides in recent years to become more environmentally conscious, there is still a ways to go, and Green Idle can help to get us there.

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Hollywood spends nearly $7.6 Billion per year making film and TV in New York. Its quite a boon to the state but movie sets on our streets belch exhaust while generators scream day and night. Let’s breathe easy and bring back silent movies!

Let’s make location filmmaking better for all New Yorkers…


We offer solutions that make project planning easier, eliminate entire areas of compliance, and will save any project a lot of money. Our generators, powered by the sun, store electricity safely and reliably for days, for as long as power is needed.

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