Neil Robbins

Neil Robbins

Robert Drucker

Robert Drucker

Bobby Nystrom

Bobby Nystrom

Neil Robbins and Robert Drucker are Long Island Businessmen with a very far reach. Their outreach partner, Bobby Nystrom is a four-time Stanley Cup Champion and environmental advocate. They founded Green Idle after developing several solar-powered food trucks as an experiment, utilizing Robert’s technical skills and Neil’s ability to hunt down resources and strategic partners.

Neil Robbins and his father founded Galaxie Coffee over 50 years ago. Galaxie supplies coffee, machines, food, dining, and janitorial supplies to Greater New York City Area businesses, food trucks, and movie industry craft services. Neil is also initiating new business in the film industry in Atlanta Georgia.

Robert Drucker is a 40-year construction veteran and NABCEP-certified PV Solar Installer. Robert also owns Solar Windependence, a business and residential solar installation company. He also owns All-Island Group and several specialty pool construction businesses that reach across the country, advising pool installers as America’s sole licensee for Italian pool manufacturer, Biodesign Pools.

Bobby Nystrom aka “Mr. Islander” is an NHL hockey legend best remembered as having scored the winning goal at the 7:11 mark of overtime to give the New York Islanders the 1980 Stanley Cup title. Green Idle’s “closer”, Bob is an avid environmental advocate and runs public relations.

After testing with solar food trucks and developing the computer software that monitors the system, Neil and Robert partnered with Lithionics to achieve a solar system capable of delivering power for long periods without sunlight.

“Supporting realistic and effective environmental solutions is very important to me. But I can only face-off with a winning team. Robert and Neil have the know-how to succeed and Green Idle is the ultimate power play.”

 – Bobby Nystrom


Solar Windependence

Solar Windependence is an installer and trusted provider of residential and commercial Long Island solar panels & solar systems, and wind turbines located in Farmingdale, NY.

We offer a combination of green products and technologies, including lightweight, high powered wind turbines, PV solar panels and solar fencing to help to reduce energy consumption from fossil fuels and significantly reduce your utility bills. Ask us about Net Metering and how you can sell excess energy back to your utility company. Large Federal and State Rebates are available. We’re committed to preserving our environment, and we strive to provide the highest quality and most cost effective alternative energy solutions on Long Island, in both Nassau County and Suffolk County. That is why we are the prefferred solar contractor of Long Island solar panels and renewable energy solutions.

Solar Windependence are NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installers and BPI Certified Building Energy Auditors

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