A Natural Disaster Site is No Place to Worry About Fuel

You never realize how important power supply is until you don’t have it. When natural disasters strike, vital infrastructure turns to fossil fuel-powered generators for the power to save and sustain life. Survivors, medical triage operations, hospitals, gas stations, search and rescue, and shelters all need reliable power to deal with the catastrophic aftermath.

On October 30, 2012, the Greater New York City area was devastated by the effects of Superstorm Sandy. Hospitals lost power due to faulty generators and New Yorkers lost their lives. Gas stations, unequipped with proper generators could not pump fuel. A fuel shortage brought the area to a near stand-still and fueled instead total chaos: a situation that is now avoidable.

The Green Idle solution can power all vital infrastructure reliably while removing fossil fuel from the equation. Between our technology’s efficient solar power generation and Lithionic Battery’s superior power storage, our products are able to be more than ready for an emergency. A Green Idle powered emergency generator can not only come online with full power storage and capability, it can also generate more power while doing so, replenishing itself with no operator requirements at all. In the area of disaster response, Green Idle technology can be used in many applications including:

  • Emergency power for hospitals and ad-hoc triage centers
  • Mobile command posts
  • Ambulances and EMT vehicles that usually rely on fossil fuel for life-saving systems
  • Neighborhood outreach and public information systems
  • Firehouse and EMT center emergency power
  • Gas station emergency power
  • Recreation department entertainment vehicles

A natural disaster creates enough stress without worrying about fuel supply and replenishment. We all know that good preparation is always the best defense. Green Idle technology is a giant leap beyond current preparation standards. And is relatively simple to adapt, re-fit, and deploy.

Contact us today and find out how Green Idle can greatly improve your disaster response.