Hollywood spends nearly $7.6 Billion per year making film and TV in New York. The indsustry is quite a boon to the state but movie sets on our streets belch exhaust while generators scream day and night. 

As anyone who spends any time on movie sets knows, making films is all about logistics – who needs to be where and when. Producers are constantly looking for ways to streamline a day of shooting, accomplishing it all in a shorter time while giving artists and craftspeople the time they need to do their jobs right.

Electrical power is always a consideration, especially on location. Where does it come from and how far away do power generators need to be to not intrude on a set? How do we power craft service trucks, dressing rooms, mobile offices, and restrooms?  The answer for most production companies is not the best option: Bring more power than you need. And that’s what you’ll find on most filming locations. Generators are everywhere – Small, portable generators, large trailer units, and generators built into the box trailers they power. And once a production company arrives on set, those generators go on and stay on day and night until the production at that location is over.

These generators can make things very difficult for the people that live and work near film locations. Nearby residents who lose their parking first, then find themselves having to contend with loud generators running and creating noxious exhaust day and night.

While the parking issue can’t be solved, film productions can become less invasive and create a lot less inconvenience by running a silent and exhaust-free location. Using solar power-equipped trailers and solar “generators” with high-quality battery storage will reduce the physical size of the location while eliminating noise and exhaust. The need to re-fuel generators will be eliminated, creating a safer environment without flammable gasoline or diesel fuel on set.

In addition to all these benefits, it is worth noting that our solar power and storage technology has a smaller footprint than fossil-fuel generators. 

Currently, there are over 50 location shoots happening in New York State, bringing in millions of dollars to our economy. Why don’t we keep them here and make the business better for everyone by doing it cleanly and safely? 

Our solution enhances the lives and businesses of all involved and we can make it right here in New York.