Any veteran of the construction industry who builds in cities like New York or other large metropolises knows that regulations are as present and pervasive on a project as concrete and dirt. Rules and regulations are everywhere — for every machine, for every part of every job. 

But the gas or diesel generator, used for electrical power, has its own special place among millions of construction regulations. How safe are they? How loud are they? Have they been tested? Stack tested? Safety tested? Where are they mounted? Who signs off on which concern? The Building Department? The Fire Department? Environmental Agency? If you’re in construction, gas-powered generators are not so much an easy and convenient source of power as they are an entirely separate and complex compliance concern.  

And while more and more cities adopt more and more environmental regulations, anything powered by fossil fuel will soon be caught in new kinds of regulatory crosshairs. 

We offer a solution that makes project planning easier, eliminates entire areas of compliance, and saves any project a lot of money. Green Idle offers generator solutions powered by the sun, with electricity stored safely and reliably for days, for as long as you need power. We’re able to fit mobile office trailers and work sheds with safe and reliable power. Job sites without readily accessible power can be powered constantly with no noise and no emissions at all. And whether day or night, regardless of the weather, Green Idle technology is there when you need it. This is possible because our products stand out in three distinct ways. First, our solar technology charges fast and efficiently. Second, our battery storage is the best in the world. All Green Idle’s products run on Lithionics Battery power storage – The highest quality, USA-made power storage, so safe and reliable, Underwriters Laboratories created a new rating scale just to accurately classify Lithionics’ capabilities.  Third and finally, our smart system, if your application requires it, manages current flow and storage based on use over time. 

The future of mobile electrical power delivery is here. Our construction product division is informed and capable of addressing the kinds of issues modern contractors face. If you’re ready for a new way of working that will improve the efficiency of every aspect of your project, we’re here to work with you.