Food Trucks

Is there any other business model more romantic than the food truck? We think not. The idea of breaking free of the bounds of brick and mortar life to take to the open road, trying out new “locations” every day is liberating, to say the least. The food truck is creativity incarnate. A business that mobilizes culinary innovation, gives low-budget restauranteurs the chance to express themselves in more ways to more people and gives foodies ever-more eclectic choices. A “win, win, win” you might say.  

But wait. What’s that loud, clattering, exhaust-billowing. always-in-need-of-maintenance anchor around your neck? It’s your generator of course. If it’s not underpowered for your needs, it’s under fueled to get you through the day. It stinks. It’s loud. But you can’t live without it, can you? Any food truck owner will tell you that the weakest link in their business is the generator. 

Not anymore. Green Idle has so far built or retrofitted dozens of solar-powered food trucks. Trucks that run stoves, ovens, fridges and rock-solid freezers for days between charges.  Charge your food truck on a single sunny day and be ready for a weekend of full power no matter what the weather brings.

Green Idle Founders Robert Drucker and Neil Robbins with Solar-Powered Chef’s on Fire Operator on the set of Apple TV’s “Dickenson” at Old Bethpage Restoration Village

We do this through greatly improved solar and battery technology and smart systems that regulate electrical charging and use intelligently.  Our responsibly sourced solar arrays charge in hours instead of days. Our partnership with Lithionics Battery gives us the best, safest, and most reliable power storage in the industry. The batteries we use are so advanced, Underwriters Laboratories created a new safety and reliability scale just to accommodate Lithionics’ capabilities.

Silence, dependability, and clean air is just the beginning. Your food truck business running on our solar technology is going to save you a lot of money. From the freedom to operate anywhere to the drastic reduction in fuel costs to the sheer fascination and admiration you’ll receive from your customers, your food truck business can become just as liberating as the original idea you had when you started it.

If you have an appetite for this kind of freedom, get in touch with us. We offer many options from retrofitting to full build-out. Equipment leasing options may be available. Contact us today.