From wildfires to “superstorms” the effects of climate change can be seen all around us. While it’s easy to observe the direct effects left behind by extreme weather on our environment, it can be much harder to picture the long-term consequences it can pose to our economy, as well.

A recent article published by Markets Insider entitled “Climate events have cost the US economy more than $500 billion over the last 5 years, Fed official says,” explores the adverse effects that climate change can present to the U.S. economy over the next century.

“These effects will be felt across business sectors and asset classes, and on the strategies, operations and balance sheets of financial firms,” Kevin Stiroh, an executive VP at the New York State Fed responsible for bank regulation, said.

In a late 2018 report conducted by scientists from 13 federal agencies they predicted that if climate change were to continue unchecked and current emission levels were to continue to rise, the effects from extreme weather over the course of the century would slash U.S. gross domestic product or GDP by nearly a tenth.

“With continued growth in emissions at historic rates, annual losses in some economic sectors are projected to reach hundreds of billions of dollars by the end of the century–more than the current gross domestic product of many US states,” the report said.

Though bleak sounding at first, the projections by scientists and financial experts are by no means set in stone. There still remains time to stave off the harshest realities of climate change through reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and beginning to curb our current emissions output. As the energy technology that will power us into the future is already available today.

Green Idle, in partnership with Lithionics Battery, the premiere U.S.A. based manufacturer of lithium-ion technology and renowned for its unsurpassed safety and reliability, offers a revolutionary solar-powered solution. Ideal for those in the construction, food truck and film industry, government infrastructure, transport, and disaster response fields.

The company’s solar-powered smart-systems capture and store dependable, long-lasting, renewable power to be used when you need it most. A Green Idle powered generator can not only come online with full power storage and capability, but it can also generate more power while doing so, replenishing itself with no operator requirements whatsoever. Charge your device on a single sunny day and be ready for a weekend of full power no matter what the weather brings.

Silence, dependability, and clean air is only just the beginning. By adopting the Green Idle solution you won’t only be joining in on a trend or investing in a healthier future but saving time, and money, immediately, on fuel costs and consumption as well.

We all recognize the importance of mobility, especially in today’s society where one-day shipping and delivery-apps reign supreme. But having both the mobility and flexibility of a Green Idle solar-powered smart-system can provide a leg-up over any competition by allowing you to invest the money that would have otherwise been spent on unpredictable fuel costs directly back into your business in the areas you need most.

Because what’s good for the environment we rely on to do business, can also be good for the future of business as well.

Solar Solutions

Disaster Response


You never realize how important power supply is until you don’t have it. When natural disasters strike, vital infrastructure turns to fossil-fuel-powered generators for the power to save and sustain life. Survivors, medical triage operations, hospitals, gas stations, search and rescue, and shelters all need reliable power to deal with catastrophic aftermath.

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We offer solutions that make project planning easier, eliminate entire areas of compliance, and will save any project a lot of money. Our generators, powered by the sun, store electricity safely and reliably for days, for as long as power is needed.

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