This past week, Assemblyman Clyde Vanel gathered a group of lawmakers and academics at the American Museum of Natural History. They discussed the potentially significant role that New York can play in the next generation of space exploration, referenced from the City and State New York article, “Can New York Be A Future Space Hub?” (City & State November 21, 2019) Vanel, Chairman of the Assembly Committee On Internet and New Technology, among Assemblyman Steve Stern and Councilman Robert Holden, is eager to guide New York into the next chapter. He questioned academics on what the new program should look like and what is preventing us from making that giant leap forward. Most importantly, to us here at Green Idle, is that Vanel also wants to know what kind of research and industry activity is already happening in the state.

The ongoing conquest known as “Space Exploration” has always benefitted modern technology. Its influence can be found in health and medicine, transportation, public safety, and it doesn’t stop there. Our daily lives are continually reflecting the impact of these innovative expanses of technology. It leads to the question: What if we could offer our own contributions to space exploration? Green Idle is currently advancing technology in ways that could make New York a true “Space State.” We will not wait for the new ideas to come to us, but instead, offer our innovations to the masses. Our mission to outfit the modern world with new environmental and agriculturally friendly technology has already begun.

Green Idle is synonymous with the terms effective, efficient, and eco-friendly. Our technology is revolutionary, and precisely what Vanel is referring to. Similar to the technology inspired by space exploration, our reach is far and wide. Our applications include government infrastructure and disaster response, construction, film industry, food trucks, and transport. We offer the world silence with zero emissions on the right side of the ecological debate. We all know that “Saving The Planet” and “Going Green” are popular ideas, but we provide the technology that contributes to the cause. We’ll take the time to help our planet, all while supporting the exploration of space, and the incredible things to come.

Assemblyman Clyde Vanel, Assemblyman Steve Stern, and Councilman Robert Holden, along with many others, are asking New Yorkers for help to make New York a major player in the next wave of space exploration. Green Idle is here to answer the call, and we encourage others to join us. Let’s do everything we can to put that New York State flag on the moon, just like Vanel asked. Excelsior!


Solar Solutions

Disaster Response


You never realize how important power supply is until you don’t have it. When natural disasters strike, vital infrastructure turns to fossil-fuel-powered generators for the power to save and sustain life. Survivors, medical triage operations, hospitals, gas stations, search and rescue, and shelters all need reliable power to deal with catastrophic aftermath.

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We offer solutions that make project planning easier, eliminate entire areas of compliance, and will save any project a lot of money. Our generators, powered by the sun, store electricity safely and reliably for days, for as long as power is needed.

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