Long-time New York City advocate, Clark Peña spoke with Green Idle founders Neil Robbins and Robert Drucker about how their technology can improve New York City’s quality of life.

With snarled traffic, outdated infrastructure and a power grid barely able to support itself in peak periods of use, New York City is on serious need of practical imagination and innovation.

And that is  what Green Idle is all about. Our solar and power storage technology can’t solve all of New York’s problems but it can certainly provide vast improvemnts in air quality, disaster response, and improved infrastructure.  Check out he video below and listen to some of the ideas we’re working on and learn the story that got us going in the first place.

Thanks to Clark for helping us tell our story! 

Solar Solutions

Disaster Response


You never realize how important power supply is until you don’t have it. When natural disasters strike, vital infrastructure turns to fossil-fuel-powered generators for the power to save and sustain life. Survivors, medical triage operations, hospitals, gas stations, search and rescue, and shelters all need reliable power to deal with catastrophic aftermath.

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We offer solutions that make project planning easier, eliminate entire areas of compliance, and will save any project a lot of money. Our generators, powered by the sun, store electricity safely and reliably for days, for as long as power is needed.

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